Hope For Joy Foundation Uganda

About Us

About the Director

Jumba Cyprian is a born again Christian and a Church Deacon, is the founder of Hope for Joy (since 2009), he was raised up by a single parent father died during the civil wars in 1982. Suffering and struggling are the rightful description of his childhood days.

Jumba is a professional teacher graduated with a Bachelors of Arts with Education from Nkumba University. Backed by his childhood which is filled with a lot of suffering and struggles, perfectly understands what the children and single mothers who unlucky pass through.
So he was inspired to form this charity ministry aiming to give a hand to the orphans and needy , through sharing the gospel, supporting kids who were unable to attend school , feeding the poor and the needy, many have given their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior,


Hope for Joy was initially founded by Ebenezer Charity Club an initiative started by a group of students from Entebbe to assist their fellow students who were not able to attend school and those who had dropped out of school. It was started in 2009 committed to demonstrating Jesus' love by providing food stuffs, Clothing, counseling, and school supplies. In 2012 it was observed that the number of vulnerable children was at a higher increase due to the HIV/ AIDS problem and many had lost hope for the future, there was a need to restore back hope so we decided to extend the ministry to different communities through Hope for Joy community Outreach and Orphan sponsorship program.
In this outreach we provide food, clothes, counseling, sharing the gospel, educational materials, medication and school fees. There are well over 2 million orphans in the African country of Uganda, largely as a result of HIV AIDS. Most of these orphans live with a grandparent or other relative, but some of them have no one able to care for them. Hope for Joy Foundation was established specifically to bring back hope and provide loving care to some of these orphaned and abandoned children, and currently hope for joy is supporting 52 children between the ages of 6 and 17 from different villages of the country.

Vision of Hope For Joy Foundation Uganda
To take support and care of orphans, vulnerable children and widows to be able to receive education, medical, spiritual and social basic needs and become productive members of the community.

Mission statement
Our mission is to support and empower orphans, vulnerable children and widows in Uganda to successful and productive lives. We seek to transform hearts, minds and lives by engaging them in a Christ- centered process of examining their current realities, envisioning their future possibilities and enabling action to achieve their desired futures.

• Help them see improvement in their standards of living and have them the children fixed in Christian schools.              
• Bring together the indigent members to provide a common forum to the indigent persons to deliberate on matters concerning their welfare.
• Mobilize financial and non-financial support both locally and internationally.
• Meet deliberate and formulate plans and measures suitable and appropriate to advance the betterment and progress of the indigent people.
• Remove the indigent children from the streets and resettle them in a half way home to help the gain mental and moral hygiene.