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2014 Newsletter

Posted : 02 - March - 2015 | By : admin

Dear friends and Prayer partners,
I greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Praise the lord From Whom all Blessings Flow!! I also convey warm greetings from our community here at Hope for Joy Foundation and Nkumba Community. Hope for Joy Foundation was established specifically to bring back hope and provide loving care to some of these orphaned and abandoned children, and currently hope for joy is supporting 52 orphans between the ages of 6 and 17 years.

I would like to share with you, in this newsletter, a report on various developments in our ministry over the past months. First of all, I thank Him for your individual lives, families, work and ministry. I thank Him for His grace and provision, which in turn has enabled you to be part of this ministry. Am so thankful for all the support and prayers you have contributed to this ministry, thank you so much and I pray for God’s blessings to you. As you are already aware, our initiatives to serve, love and care for the vulnerable young children through supporting their education, providing them with food, clothes, medical care and above all sharing the gospel with them, we are established in obedience to the Master’s commission to believers to disciple nations.

Our outreach to the above vulnerable group is motivated by the biblical command to care for the widows and orphans (James 1:27). In Isaiah 1:17 we are given the responsibility to defend and care for the wellbeing of the orphans.

I’m glad to report to you that by God’s grace we have been able to reach on the following;

We believe that one way of restoring hope to the orphan child is through education, as it will equip them to face the future, which at present (in the absence of family support) seems uncertain. We also believe that education is vital if we are to tackle the cycle of poverty and disease in the developing world. Our kids go to six different schools like Nkumba Christian Primary School, May Christian College, Tropical Junior School, Ebenezer Primary School, New Hope Junior Academy and Wits College Namulanda.  Majority of our kids despite of the shortage of funds and other school requirements have been able to attend school throughout the year and their academic reports are promising. They are all behaving well at school they love to be at school and they are progressing academically.


After long weeks of testing four of our kids sat for their national Primary leaving examinations, they wait to see their results which are a big factor in their further study possibilities, they will be joining a secondary education next year. Though as a ministry we have experienced some challenges like high school fees, lack of enough school stationery and long journeys walked by kids coming to and fro school.  One of the schools where our kids attend recently its buildings collapsed due a big storm, which also destroyed the students’ properties.

We are so grateful to God for His provisions, we have been able to provide our kids with lunch and also give them the weekly food packages as our way support the guardians who takes care of kids because majority they cannot afford purchasing food at home and in order to avoid starvation and malnutrition we decided to provide nutrition food stuffs to such families.


 This year God provided us with a land for gardening we hope to harvest some food for the ministry, we planted beans, maize and cassava we hope plentiful yield. We have observed that our lunch meal is the only substantial meal most of these children have for a day. As a result, many tend come around for food packages to deliver home.


 Some needy families (especially elderly widowed women) from the neighborhood have also approached us for food support.


The lack of food has turned out to be a distraction to the academic pursuit of many kids. It is clear to us that ample and right feeding is necessary if we are to ensure high level of concentration in class.


 Ample and right feeding will also help address cases of preventable diseases, which lead to poor class attendance and high failure rate in examinations.
Other potentially destructive situations have arisen as a result of poor food supply in the community. Hope for Joy Foundation has a fish landing site in its vicinity, a number of our kids have been tempted to engage in casual labor to meet this need.

We are also concerned for the female children, who are particularly vulnerable to prostitution.
In the meantime, we need support in the area of food to help the children stay in school, and finish their education, for the glory of God.

Our kids are learning how to make bangles, necklaces, baskets, tablemats which we hope it will help our kids to earn a living and to meet some of their needs. We also aim at equipping them with some skills and improve on their talents.


We have been training our kids though the Greatest Journey Lessons they have desired much and enjoyed the lessons and many have come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Many of their family members are now coming to attend church. The children have become more interested and began to read and study the Bible. They have now become more rooted in God’s Word and they can now share with other children in their communities.
Many kids who had seemed the life to be hard, they have learned that God is always with them all the time. One child shared about his life, at home he was abandoned by his parents and this child was always chased from home and denied food, the father had married another wife, this step mother could mistreat this boy. So he resorted to coming to church and once we had an event of distributing food packages. That day, he learned that God loves him. He prayed and confessed his sins, and accepted Christ as savior. The next week he started attending discipleship program where he got to know more about Jesus and His love. His parents were not Christians, when he took the food package at home, the parents asked him where he has got the food because they never even had enough food at home, the parents were so happy for their formally abandoned son for the food. The most exciting thing was that both his step mother and father decided to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. And they asked their son to forgive them for mistreating him. Now, they come to church and attend church activities.

To bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless, each child will feel known, cared for and loved. God has enabled us to do through giving clothes, shoes, and other physical needs to the kids. We have also encouraged team work activities like games, treasure hunting and so many other activities which have brought these kids together.


There have been many reports of illness among the kids, many have suffered from Malaria, fever, coughs and many unhygienic caused diseases challenged our kids. We have encouraged sanitation and also by God’s grace we would love to give out some mosquito nets to help in curbing down Malaria and also through providing shoes to the kids to have helped to reduce fungal diseases. One of our kids Baganizi Jeff he went to be with God at the beginning of November after a long time illness suffering from sickle cells, keep the mother and the siblings in your prayers.
Some of our kids who are HIV- Positive have continued to take the ARV’s and frequent visits to the hospital for counseling and checkups.

We hope to have a kids Christmas party to celebrate the birth of our Lord together as a family and also give out some gifts to the kids to share the joy and love we have in Christ. And also plan to give out Christmas food packages to the elderly widowed women.
Again we thank God, who has enabled us to go through this year there has been great joy among the kids and we pray for his continuous providence and protection. We have also been able to re-build our website, do some outreaches to vulnerable communities sharing the gospel and also meeting some of the physical needs and also conducting eye clinics in such communities.
Here are some of our dreams for the ministry as we go into a new year is;
(i) Registration of the ministry with the registrar of organizations as a Non- Governmental Organization.
(ii) Getting sponsors for the kids so that they can be stable at school with no worries of what to eat, absence from school due to school fees.
(iii)  Constructing of children’s centre home where kids will be meeting and share the gospel, learn some vocational skills, get counseling and for other   ministry activities.
(iv)  Getting a vehicle for the ministry to ease its work as always needs and outreaches arise and we fail to reach them because of transport.

Once again thank you so much for your generosity and the continued prayers towards this ministry’s work. I always pray for God’s blessings to you. “For God is not unjust as to overlook your work and love that you showed for his sake in serving the saints, as you still do”. Hebrews 6:10.
Thank you for considering becoming even more involved in the lives of the children God has entrusted to all of us.

Blessings to you!

Jumba Cyprian
Team Leader Hope for Joy Foundation Uganda