Make a Difference Today

 Anything that you can give however small will help bring hope and dignity to a needy child here in Uganda. This list is not exhaustive but only acts as a guide for those who would wish to help collect and donate gifts in-kind. Please feel free to add to the list with whatever else you may have that could be useful for the children and widows

Give Food

 Hunger is a largely hidden crisis in our country and in our communities. Many families struggle with empty pantries and difficult choices between food and other necessities. At Hope for joy, we are trying to reduce hunger in our community every single day. But we need your help.

School requirements

If you have some extra used items you no longer   need:   children’s   clothing,   shoes, school supplies, music instruments, computer equipment, games and sports equipment, yes anything please consider donating them to Hope for Joy Foundation Uganda.

Eldery seed giving

Since food is scarce and we can’t provide it to the village, we choose to help empower them grow their own food and in plenty to cater for the dry season. We get them agricultural experts to teach them modernized farming systems and we also buy them improved seeds for better yields. We believe that giving improved seed can avoid starvation and children can have good studying time during the day. Choose to give seeds.

If you wish to sponsor one or more children, please email to us. We will choose (based on your preference of a boy or a girl) a child that is most in need of sponsorship and send his/her biography and photo to you. You can pay by check monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
Donations can be made though a Paypal account by clicking on the “Donate” button.